08 August, 2009

Night breezes seem to whisper

I'm lying in bed as I type this on my iPod, and I must say I enjoy typing on a computer a great deal more. I've already cursed the gadget's autocorrect four times in this paragraph, and that's probably not a good sign. On top of all of this, I'm typing this post in an email so that when I'm done, I'll send it to a nonexistent email address and it will magically post it on my page. That's honestly not a bad deal if it works (or if my battery will last through my slow typing), but we'll see.

I've been insanely busy these past couple of weeks, and I've desperately been trying to find time to make a new post here. As you can tell, as of yet I've failed more times than the Bengals. This post will break that streak though. And I should also apologize ahead of time for any odd effects of autocorrect that I may not notice. Either way, let me try to do a quick wrapup before going to sleep.

The main news is that the Corvette will go to her first car show in a while tomorrow (er...today). It's a short jog for her compared to her trip to the Goodguys show, but that doesn't mean I can assume all will go well. My girlfriend and I put some finishing touches on detailing the car tonight after I got the exterior in good shape earlier in the day, so less packing the trunk, the car is ready to go for a late morning departure. Clear skies are forecasted as well as scorching heat, so the weather shouldn't be a factor. I'll have to go into more details of our work later.

I've almost finished painting the soft top frame, as well. Unfortunately we're yet to find someone who can pit the fabric on for us, but at least the frame should be ready when that person is found. I haven't done a ton more on the hard top, but it's extremely close to being done, so that's a bit of a relief.

Most of my recent work, though, has revolved around sanding my every day car. Whoever put the clearcoat on it some time ago failed miserably, and in random intervals, spots will appear on the paint. These slots grow, and soon the clearcoat just flakes off. This leads to discoloration and rust, so I've decided before I go back I school, I'll try to cure the car's disease. It hasn't been easy, though, as the clearcoat is only starting to come off whilst using 80 grit wet/dry and a power sander. Nevertheless, I'm pushing on. That car WILL be repainted by the time I go back; I just don't know how much of the car will be repainted...

Oh well. Either way that's a quick rundown of what I've been doing in the garage. It's definitely keeping me busy, but I'm going to try to stay more up-to-date with this blog from now until school starts. Wish me luck, and perhaps I will see some of you tomorrow at the car show! Stay cool!

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