16 June, 2009

What Hath God Wrought?

What an interesting prospect a blog is. It allows not only communication in a written sense of ideas and notions across the world, but it allows the writer to divulge otherwise private ruminations about a variety of topics. Granted, my life does not always allow me to have the time to update things like blogs and Facebook and such very often, but it is my intent to do just that here. You see, my last attempt at a blog was only half-hearted, and it did not have the direction that this blog will. It was first to satisfy the desires of an old friend who had recently acquired a similar blog some time before. After that friend moved on and was no longer an acquiantance, I was left with the shell of a site that really had no purpose. Hence, I have come to this.

Woodsie's Garage is not just about cars, you see. Instead, it's about a variety of things involving all things that are complex and can bring frustration and happiness. My passions, as you will all find out, involve many motorized things such as Formula 1---I plan on having a few rants about that incredible spectacle on here from time to time, especially in such turbulent waters that wet the sport these days. I also enjoy car restoration. My endeavors have included such classics as a 1961 Chevrolet Corvette, various small motors, an old tractor, an antique motorcycle, and now the biggest challenge of them all: a 1910 Maxwell motorcar. I intend on having a special section for the Maxwell, as I'd like to keep a running blog on my progress. Just as there aren't many Maxwells on the road anymore, there are even fewer blogs detailing how to go about restoring one. My situation is rather unique in that I've never even seen a completed Maxwell in real life (only in pictures) yet I am trying to rebuild one nonetheless. If nothing else, my trials and tribulations on that old Q3 should be quite a read, as I'm unaware of anyone my age ever having embarked on such a testing endeavor.

But lest I ramble for too long, I'll finish getting this site set up in the meantime. Thanks, everyone, and I look forward to your comments and to entertaining you.


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